How to repair a resin statue

Chinese dragon, resin cast - symbol for year of th image by Kirubeshwaran from

Resin is a common material for large and small statues. It is easy to cast and durable enough to use for outdoor ornaments. Unfortunately, accidents happen and your resin might become cracked, scratched or broken altogether.

If this happens, you can use two methods to repair the statue depending on the extent of the damage. Two-part epoxy glue will help you repair the statue, but it's important to purchase epoxy that is suitable for outdoor use if your statue usually sits in your garden.

Put on the disposable gloves and refer to the epoxy instructions.

Mix the epoxy according to the instructions in the beaker or plastic cup. Use the syringes to accurately measure out the resin and the hardener.

Stir the epoxy thoroughly using the wooden spatula then apply it to the resin statue immediately before it starts to set.

Use the spatula to paste over cracks. To stick pieces of the statue back together, apply the epoxy to the statue and stick the broken piece back on. Wipe away excess epoxy using a dry cloth, or wait until the epoxy has dried and use a thin file to remove any unsightly excess.

Hold the piece in place until the epoxy starts to harden, or use masking tape to secure the two pieces together. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions to find out how long this will take.

Attach a drill head to the drill that matches the size of your threaded pipe. Drill a hole in the centre of the broken area on both the statue and the broken part, ensuring the holes match up so the part won't sit at an odd angle when you reattach it.

Attach a smaller drill head to your drill and create smaller holes around the centre hole on the main statue and the broken part. Drill the holes in different directions, as this will help the epoxy stick.

Cut the correct length of threaded pipe to fit in the two centre holes. You want the length of the pipe to be smaller than the two drilled holes, but it should extend out of the statue and be able to support the broken piece.

Mix the epoxy according to instructions. Apply it to both the statue and the broken part, ensuring that the epoxy fills the smaller drilled holes. Press the two parts firmly together and refer to the epoxy manufacturer's instructions for advice on the drying time.

Remove excess epoxy using a piece of sandpaper or a file once it has hardened. If you need to repaint the area to match the rest of the statue, you can do so once the resin has set fully.