Instructions for a Sportline Stopwatch

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A stopwatch is a small device which can be used to time any number of things, including an exercise routine or a running race. Sportline stopwatches have a variety of modes and settings including a mode which displays the time and date, an alarm mode and of course the stopwatch mode.

The "Mode" button is used to switch between modes -- push the "Mode" button 3 times then push "Select." Adjust each value one by one; in order, the values to be adjusted are second, minute, hour, date, month, day. To increase the value, push the "Set" button, then push "Select" to move to the next value. Push the "Mode" button to save changes and return to the main screen.

Push the "Mode" button twice to activate alarm mode. Use the "Set" button to adjust the alarm hour, press "Select", then push the "Set" button to adjust the minute. Push the "Mode" menu to return to the main screen.

Push the "Mode" button once to active the stopwatch mode. Push the "Split/Reset" button to reset the clock to "0." Push "Start/Stop" to begin timing. To split the timer, if you are timing laps for example, push "Split/Reset". To stop timing, push "Start/Stop" once more. To continue timing, push "Start/Stop" without resetting the clock to "0."

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