How to Stop Your Phone From Being Tracked

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Unfortunately the same phone you use to get information on the latest movie showings in your area gives a snooping boss, partner or parent a chance to keep an eye on your every move without your knowledge.

If your mobile phone has GPS installed, your phone has the capability of being tracked. By simply taking a few precautions like keeping your phone powered off when not in use, you can stop your phone from being tracked.

Contact your service provider and ask if anyone is tracking your phone, as tracking services are charged to your account. If your phone is being tracked, ask your service provider to discontinue the tracking service immediately.

Restore your phone to factory settings. While restoring your phone to its factory settings will remove all of your data from your phone, it will also remove any GPS tracking tools or software from your device.

Power your phone off when not in use. Your phone cannot be tracked using tracking or eavesdropping software if the phone is powered off. When you are not making phone calls or using your phone for others tasks, keeping the phone off will stop any tracking and save your battery life, which can sometimes be drained by tracking software.

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