Senseo Coffee Machine Instructions

The Phillips Senseo coffee machine makes one to two cups of fresh coffee at a time. The appliance forces hot water through Senseo coffee pods to brew a cup of coffee with a bit of foam on top. Brewing individual cups of coffee allows changing from one flavour to another between cups and keeps coffee tasting fresh.

Remove the water reservoir. Fill the reservoir to the "Max" line with cold water and put it back into the machine.

Release the lid by pulling the lever upwards. Open the lid. Put the 1- or 2-pod holder in the machine without using any coffee pods.

Close the lid and press the release lever down to lock it in place. There is an audible click when the lid release locks.

Plug the power cord into an electrical socket. Place a 1.6 qt. or larger bowl under the spout. Press the "On/Off" button and release it. Then press the 1- and 2-cup buttons at the same time. The coffee machine will fill with water and enter the flushing cycle. The machine switches off automatically after the flushing cycle.

Remove the water reservoir. Fill it with cold water and place in the coffee maker.

Press the "On/Off" button. The indicator light will blink while the water heats up, and the machine is ready for use when the indicator light is continuously lit.

Release the lid by pulling the lever upwards. Open the lid. Place a coffee pod holder in the machine. Use one coffee pod for a 113gr. cup of coffee and two pods for two, 113gr cups or a single, 227gr. cup.

Close the lid and lock the release lever until it clicks. Place one or two cups or a mug under the nozzle. Make sure the cups can hold at least five ounces. There are two models of Senseo coffee makers. One has a single dispensing nozzle and the other has a dual nozzle.

Press the button indicating how many cups you want to brew. Remove the cup or cups after the coffee stops dispensing.

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