How to Clean BMW Aluminium Running Boards

Although BMW used to be known only for cars and motorcycles, in recent years the company has become known for a line of SAVs, or sports activity vehicles. The X5, X3 and X6 are all impressively engineered vehicles that are also attractive and fun to drive.

Many of these models are or can be equipped with aluminium running boards. Keeping the running boards clean on a BMW SAV to ensure that the vehicle looks its best.

Wash the running boards when you wash the rest of the vehicle. Rinse off the running boards with water from a hose.

Wipe down the running boards with a rag and a mild automotive soap. Use a small detailing brush soaked in the soapy water to clean the edges where the rubber grip pads meet the aluminium.

Rinse the soap and water off the running boards. Dry the boards with a lint-free rag. Spray an aluminium cleaner onto the entire surface of the running boards. Wipe the cleaner off with a clean, dry lint-free rag.

Clean and treat any rubber areas on the running board with rubber and vinyl protectant. Use a rag to wipe the protectant onto the rubber parts. Wipe the entire surface of the running boards one last time with a clean rag.