Wireless Headphones Instructions

girl with wireless headphones image by ann triling from Fotolia.com

Wireless headphones enable a user to listen to a sound source such as a stereo or TV privately. This allows users to move farther away from the device than a wire would allow and removes the possibility of a wire knocking items over. Wireless headphones can be set up with a simple procedure.

Connect the transmitter. Plug the power cable into the transmitter and hook it up to a power socket. Connect the audio source to the transmitter using the provided cable. Plug the cable into the headphone jack of the audio source.

Insert batteries into the headphone battery set. Some wireless headphones are also chargeable. Refer to the specific manufacturer's instructions for the headset you have purchased.

Turn on the headphones to get a signal. Turn on the audio source. Use the tuning knob on the headphones to adjust the reception. Adjust the volume on the headphones to a suitable level. Stay within the specified maximum range for the headphones to listen to the output from the audio source.

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