How to Flymo a Lawn

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To Flymo a lawn is to use a hovercraft lawnmower made by the company that invented Flymo. These lawnmowers, or strimmers as they are also called, use a nylon string to cut grass, just like a weed whacker. The difference is that the string is much longer and more robust, and the mower is designed to literally lift off the grass on a cushion of air. This action makes the Flymo nearly weightless, with an ease of cutting grass that is unheard of with regular wheeled lawnmowers.

Start your Flymo lawnmower. Gasoline-powered models start traditionally with a pull of the builtiin starter rope. Electrically powered models must be plugged in to any standard wall socket before a switch on the handle can be flipped to the "on" position.

Walk your Flymo to the position on your lawn where you want to begin cutting, just as you would with a traditional wheeled mower. The hovering action will allow movement with little effort, and the Flymo can be pushed along over any hard or grassy surface with ease.

Mow your lawn just as you would with a conventional lawnmower. The difference is that a Flymo will turn in any direction by moving the handle in the direction desired Push the handle to the left and the Flymo will move left. Push the handle to the right, and the Flymo will move right. Since there are no wheels touching the ground and therefore no directional friction to contend with, a Flymo will go wherever you want it to go with just a push on the handle.

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