How to Access Birth Records in Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf is the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. It is an important international business and financial centre, so finding birth records from this German city is not complicated as the government infrastructure is well organised. Birth records can prove genealogy, proof of age and citizenship. If you are an American born in a hospital in Dusseldorf, you should first contact the U.S. Department of State to obtain a copy of an American birth abroad certificate. However, if you were born to German citizens you can obtain your birth certificate either online or through the mail.

Visit the Germany Service website. Select the "Birth Certificate from Germany" option in the left pane of the window.

Select "Birth Certificate" as the type of documentation you want. Fill in the online form with the requested personal information specifying the place of birth as being in Dusseldorf. Read through the information you have given before submitting the application.

Select the type of birth certificate you need, whether it be a multilingual certificate, an apostille certificate or a simple German-language certificate. Your choice depends on the type of birth certificate required by the government officials in the country you live in. An apostille is a birth certificate that has a special seal applied by a Dusseldorf government authority certifying that it is a true copy of an original.

Click "Add to Cart" and choose the number of copies you want. As of October 2010, the cost of each birth certificate type is £35, and the apostille version is slightly more expensive because of the needed certifications, costing £96 as of October 2010.

Select payment and choose the payment method you want. Finish paying for the birth certificate and expect it to arrive in the mail. Be patient as international mail can take 15 to 30 days longer than regular national mail.

Contact the Dusseldorf registrar's office by phone at +011-49-0211-89-91 or by e-mail. Express your desire for a birth certificate to be sent to you. Obtain their mailing address and fee for the birth certificate mailing.

Address a letter to the Dusseldorf "Standesamt" using the address supplied to you in your phone conversation.

Open your web browser and navigate to a utility website like Google Translate or Yahoo Babelfish. Type a sentence requesting your birth certificate in English and choose "German" as the language to translate the sentence into. Wait for the utility program to give you the translation. Copy and paste this sentence into your letter. Include your first name, middle and last name in the request . Use the utility program to state your birth city as being Dusseldorf. Include a sentence giving your mother and father's names and write out the month and date of your birth.

Give your mailing address and make the fee payment in the way specified by the agent at the registrar's office when you called.

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