How to Install a Plastic Bath Waste and Overflow Assembly

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Leaks in the bathroom usually occur as a result of damaged pipe work or faulty tap washers. Replace bathroom fixtures and engage in corrective maintenance as soon as you detect leaks. Water damage will ruin floors and ceilings as well as potentially short out electrical wiring.

Replace any faulty bathroom fixtures immediately. The bath and waste assembly may be replaced without having to turn off the water supply. Most home improvement stores and plumbing supply merchants sell replacement waste and overflow assemblies.

Push the overflow pipe into the back of the overflow hole from underneath the bathtub. The overflow hole usually is positioned directly under the taps. The overflow is a thin, ribbed flexible pipe. Ensure the rubber washer is between the fitment and the hole.

Unscrew the chrome rim of the waste assembly with the screwdriver.

Reach underneath the bathtub and place the waste assembly in position under the hole at the bottom of the tub.

Attach the waste assembly to the waste pipe. The attachment is made using the large connector nut at the end of the waste pipe. Hand tighten the nut. Use the adjustable basin wrench to tighten fully.

Replace the chrome rim by screwing it back in place. Stand in the bathtub and place the chrome rim to the waste assembly. Ensure the screw is inserted in the thread inside the waste assembly.

Connect the other end of the overflow pipe to the waste assembly. The overflow pipe will push onto the waste outlet. You will see a small ribbed pipe on the waste assembly. Push the overflow pipe on firmly.