How to join carpet to laminate floor

Gary Ombler/Dorling Kindersley RF/Getty Images

At the junction between carpet and laminate flooring you must install the proper strip to ensure the longevity of both the carpet and the laminate flooring. If the edge of carpet is not protected it will fray and peel up. Laminate flooring edges will chip and break without proper protection.

These strips typically come in universal lengths that are cut to fit your specific needs.

Ensure there is a 1 1/8-inch gap between the edge of the carpet and the laminate flooring. If not, trim the carpet or the flooring back to give you that 1 1/8-inch gap.

Measure the length of the area you are trimming and cut the trim and track to the appropriate length. Cut the trim with your saw and cut the metal track with your snips.

Plan the location of the trim in the gap. Mark the track on the subfloor with your pencil at the appropriate location. The trim should butt up to the carpet on one side and slightly cover the top of the laminate flooring on the other side.

Screw the track down to the floor with 1/2-inch long screws.

Angle the trim into the track--starting at the right side. Push the trim down into the track until the entire length of the trim is secure.