How to make seed packets for a funeral

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A funeral makes loved ones reflect on memories of the departed friend or relative's life. People give bookmarks, memorial cards or seed packets at some funerals as memorials of a loved one. Handing out packets of forget-me-not seeds gives a person a chance to remember a loved one when the garden blooms. The seeds can be planted in a garden, flower box or flower pots. Watching the seed grow into a plant is a loving reminder of the past loved one's life.

Download and save a seed packet template for Microsoft Word from the Microsoft Office template site.

Launch Word and then open the template document you downloaded.

Double-click one of the words in the "Your Main Text Here" section. Replace the words with "In loving memory" and click "Enter." Type the deceased person's name, birth date and date of death. Click "OK."

Choose the "Click here to add additional text or photos" option.and insert a scanned or existing digital image of the deceased person.

Double-click the words "Place seed instructions here." Replace the words with "Forget-me-not seeds" and the instructions from the original seed packet explaining how the seeds are planted.

Print out as many copies of the document as you think you'll need.

Cut out the outer perimeter of the envelope. Lay the envelope on a flat surface with the image facing down, and the top of the image facing away from you.

Fold all of the flaps up and in towards the side of the paper that is facing up. Crease the folds. Make sure the three skinny flaps are on top of the large flap.

Put a thin line of glue on the bottom and side of the skinny flap. Glue them under the large flap. Let it dry for 15 minutes.

Place 10 to 15 seeds in the envelope, and put a thin line of glue on the bottom of the top flap. Press the top flap onto the large flap and seal the envelope. Repeat with all the remaining envelopes.

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