How to drill into metal studs

Steel studs are common in some homes, particularly newer ones, though they're not as common as wood studs. Drilling into them is very similar to drilling into wood studs. They just take a little more time and patience. This is a task that can be completed by any homeowner with some carpentry experience.

Begin at one end of the stud and slowly move the finder to the end to determine just how wide it is. Mark the direct centre of the stud with a pencil so it is clearly visible.

Place a centre punch directly on the mark of the pencil and hammer down slightly on it to dent the stud.

Connect the desired size drill bit. This may vary slightly depending on the size hole wanted. Push the bit up against the mark and turn on the drill. Press down firmly to force the bit through the wall and into the stud.

Pull the drill away from the hole. Attach a Phillips head bit and connect a screw to it. Insert the screw into the predrilled hole. Repeat this process for each stud that needs to be drilled through.