How to Create Your Own Rap & Dancing Avatar

Timothy Hughes/Photodisc/Getty Images

Customisation and personality are encouraged when creating your own Avatar on the Xbox 360. Created by Rare and Microsoft, the Avatar is a virtual extension of you through your Xbox 360, Xbox Live and Kinect.

If you want to express your love of dancing and rap music through your Avatar, there are many ways to share your personality through your little friendly doppelgänger. Flex your creativity to make an excellent rapping Avatar to enjoy with your friends.

Open the "Customize Avatar" option from the main menu of your Xbox 360.

Click on "Change My Features" to create the body type you want your Avatar to look like. Choose appearance modifiers such as hairstyle, eye colour and ear shape from these menus.

Select "Change My Style" from the Avatar menu to browse through the clothing and accessories that come downloaded to the console. Some items, like the "White Vest" and "Striped Sweater with Chain," complement the rapper style.

Enter the "Marketplace" menu and search the "Game Styles" and "Lifestyle Collections" submenus. The Lifestyle Collections contain many clothing styles, including urban and hip-hop. Props can be purchased to make your Avatar dance or rap when using them. Browse through the "Band Hero," "DJ Hero" and "DJ Hero 2" collections to find items like the "LED Dancefloor" and "MC Mic" to make your Avatar move to the beat as a rapper.

Press "Save and Exit" once you are finished customising your Avatar.