Instructions for Dimplex Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are designed to take advantage of cheaper rate, off-peak electricity. They contain bricks with electric elements running through them that heat up or charge at night and release heat during the day.

You can buy Dimplex heaters with convectors that boost the amount of heat output, with room thermostats to control the heat output and with time switches to turn the heater on and off automatically. Input controls allow you to adjust how much heat is stored during the charging period.

Turn the heater On/Off switch to the "On" position and leave it switched on during the heating season. If your heater has a convector switch, switch it to the "On" position and leave it on.

Adjust the Input or Thermostat control to determine the temperature that the heater reaches during charging. The temperature gauge may be in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit and is labelled "Cold," "Warm" or "Hot" or have a number scale. Turn the control knob clockwise to increase the amount of heat stored. Use the maximum setting during coldest weather.

Adjust the Boost control to control the amount of heat output during the day. Leave it at the minimum setting and increase it if you need more heat. Turn it to a higher setting to provide an automatic boost each day. The higher the setting, the more quickly the stored heat will be used. Thermostatically controlled heaters do not have a Boost control.

Turn on the Convector Boost switch on combined models if you need additional heat and adjust the temperature output with the Convector Boost thermostat.

Set the time clock if your model has one, to turn the heater on and off automatically. Push the tabs in or pull them forward, depending on the model, to set the "On" periods. Set the Selector Switch to "Auto" to use the time clock, "Off" to turn the heater off or "Man" to have the heater on continuously.