Bayer Contour Meter Reset Directions

An Ascencia Contour is a blood glucose monitoring system manufactured by Bayer. Using a drop of blood, the unit is able to measure the user's blood glucose level. These units are designed to be used at home by individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes or hypoglycaemia.

The Bayer Contour meter has the ability to store information on your last 480 test results. This can help you track your average blood sugar levels. If you wish to delete all of your past results, you can reset the meter. Once the meter is reset, any previously stored information cannot be recovered.

Press and hold the "M" button. The "M" button is located on the bottom, right-hand side of the unit. Let go of the button when the Bayer Contour meter powers on.


Press and hold down the "Down" button. The "Down" button is located on the bottom, left-hand side of the unit and features a triangle pointing downward. Wait for the unit to begin automatically scrolling through data. Do not release the "Down" button.

Press the "M" button downward while simultaneously pushing the "Down" button. As these buttons are held down, the unit will begin to scroll through and highlight all of the data. Once all of the data is highlighted, the display screen will display "DEL." Let go of the buttons.

Press the "M" button when the Contour Meter display screen asks you to confirm that you wish to reset the meter.