How to Use a Sanding Machine

A belt sanding machine can sand wood in two different ways. You can use the sanding machine to contour wood or use it to sand down smaller pieces of wood. The sanding machine is best for smaller pieces of wood such as those used for furniture and other small wood items.

A sanding machine will not work for large pieces of wood or floors due to the upright nature of the sanding machine. Switching the sanding belt will enable different levels of sanding from rough to fine.

Wear eye protection, ear protection and work gloves when operating a sanding machine. This is the best way to protect your hands from rubbing against the rough sandpaper, your eyes from flying bits of sawdust and your ears from the harsh and loud sounds. Wear a dust mask to protect your lungs from inhaling sawdust.

Plug the sanding machine into the wall. Turn the machine on.

Hold the pieces of wood flat against the side of the sanding machine to sand a piece of wood into a flat shape. Slowly move the piece of wood across the surface of the sanding machine. Use even pressure the entire time to ensure the wood sands evenly.

Replace the sandpaper on the belt sander by loosening the knob holding the sandpaper in place. Place a new sheet of sandpaper over the belt, and screw the knob tightly to hold the sandpaper onto the machine.

Hold a piece of wood over the rounded portion of the sanding machine to sand a contour into the piece of wood. This is an alternative to cutting the wood with a mitre saw. Make a small contour into the surface of the wood by sanding for a few seconds, or make a deeper impression by holding the wood against the top of the sanding machine for several minutes. Turn off the machine after sanding is complete.

Use a brush to brush away all sawdust and particles of wood from the surface of the sander to prepare it for the next use. Replace any worn sandpaper with fresh sandpaper.