How to Obtain Russian Citizenship

There are several ways that you can obtain Russian citizenship. The process involves submitting documents, such as passports and visas, to the Russian consulate, as well as meeting several other requirements, such as knowing the Russian language, having a legal source of livelihood, having an obligation to observe the constitution, satisfying questions of citizenship and accepting to reject current citizenship, except in cases controlled by international treaties.

Obtain Russian citizenship through the process of naturalisation. Naturalisation allows foreign citizens to acquire Russian citizenship if they are at least 18 years old, have legal support, and are permanent resident of Russia for a minimum of five years. Temporarily attain a residence permit by private invitation to the Russian Federation and later apply for a permanent residence permit. You must stay in Russia for five years before applying for citizenship.In addition, you are required to have a legal source of livelihood, know the Russian language and an application for termination of current citizenship.

Apply for citizenship by registration if your ancestors are citizens of Russia, or if you have foreign citizenship by birth and your parents are former Russian citizens. You can only register for citizenship five years after your 18th birthday. Children of former Russian citizens, who were born after their parent's Russian citizenship was terminated, can also apply after five years after their 18th birthday. Registration also allows formers citizens of the USSR, who came to reside in the Russian Federation after Feb. 6, 1992, and had declared the intention to acquire citizenship by end December 2000. The applicant must also portray their obligation to observe the constitution and speak Russian language.

Apply for Russian citizenship if you are married to a Russian citizen. You must be married to a citizen for more than three years to apply, and you can obtain a Russian visa by submitting your passport to the Russian embassy and filling out the visa application form. Ensure that you obtain a marital status document from the Russian embassy or from your local authorities. Legalise your certificate by getting an Apostille, which is a foreign and commonwealth office certificate. If you have been married for fewer than three years, you need to prove permanent residence in Russia for five years, stable income and prove that you speak the Russian language.

Attain Russian citizenship through reinstatement of citizenship. You can apply for citizenship through reinstatement if you are foreign citizen or previously were a citizen of the Russian federation. Start the process three years after gaining permanent residence in the Russian federation. The terms of citizenship may also be regulated by international treaties; For example, a citizen of Belarus can acquire Russian citizenship within three months by submitting minimal documents and will also be exempted from forfeiting their current citizenship.

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