How to Find the People Who Live on My Street

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If you are looking for a neighbour's phone number or just information about a particular person that you would like to get to know on your block, you can use a variety of sources to find your neighbour. The Internet can assist you in finding the people that you are trying to locate. For example, there are a lot of social networks on the Internet that many people join to socialise with other interesting people, and you may find your neighbours that way. If your neighbours are not on a social network, you can turn to other Internet options to find them.

Write down your neighbour's first and last name.

Go to the Pipl website. Pipl is a very comprehensive people search engine as it pulls up results that are not common to regular search engines. Input the person's first and last name, city and state. Every person with that name will appear. A list of addresses, investigation websites and web content, if any, will appear for anyone who has the specific name that you are looking for. If your neighbour has a Facebook or MySpace profile or is part of another social network, her profile picture will appear. If you see your neighbourhood's picture, click on it. If not, scroll down to see if one of the links matches your neighbour's profile.

Google your neighbour's full name. You will see a list of websites that will appear in the search engine. Read through the websites and see which ones give information about your neighbour.

Look through the White Pages to find your neighbour's name or to locate the people on your street. You can also go to the White Pages website to search for your neighbour's name.

Input the street name and city at the White Pages website. People who live on your street should appear.

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