How to connect a mobile to a landline

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Connecting your mobile phone to your landline phone gives you the affordability of having only a mobile phone bill, yet the convenience of being able to use more sturdy phone devices like cordless or corded phones. Connecting the mobile to the landline will require an external device, which can you can buy at your local computer or electronics specialists. The device should work with your existing mobile phone and landline telephone equipment.

Buy a landline/mobile phone merging device. For example, you can buy a devices such as Dock-N-Talk, Phone Merge, or XLink. Both Dock-N-Talk and Phone Merge allow you to dock your mobile phone on the device, yet use a landline phone to make and receive calls. All three devices allow you to connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Connect one end of a telephone cord to the back of your landline phone device and plug the other end into the back of the mobile/landline device. Devices like the Dock-N-Talk may require an additional cable that will connect to your mobile phone. Connect the mobile phone directly onto the unit itself. Check with the manufacturer first to determine if the mobile/landline docking station is compatible with your model of mobile phone. You may have to buy an external module to fit your specific phone, or you can connect via Bluetooth.

Pair your mobile phone with the cell phone/landline phone device using Bluetooth. Bluetooth is an acceptable alternative if your model of mobile phone will not dock with the device. Each phone has a different Bluetooth pairing process. The Palm Pixie Plus, for example, allows you to pair Bluetooth devices by tapping on the wireless logo on the right portion of the screen, tapping Bluetooth so it turns on, and clicking on the mobile/landline merger device in range. Whenever your mobile phone rings, all the landline phones that are connected to the phone jack will ring simultaneously. Any phone in the house can be used to make and receive phone calls.

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