How to Use the Vents on a Weber Grill

Weber grills are a popular choice of outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Weber manufactures a wide variety of charcoal and gas grills to accommodate any grilling needs. The Weber charcoal grill uses two vents to help fuel the charcoal fire and stabilise the cooking temperature.

Using the vents on a Weber grill takes practice and periodic adjustment throughout the process. Properly using the vents helps to ensure your meats cook evenly and provides you with a juicy, flavourful dinner.

Open the bottom vent fully before starting the fire. The bottom vents allow air into the grill and should be left open at all times. Also, the ash from expired charcoal exits through these vents.

Turn the vent on the grill lid fully open. There are four holes in the lid and the vent. Remove the lid from the grill and start your charcoal. Allow the charcoal to develop a light ash and spread the charcoal across the bottom grate with a charcoal spreader.

Place your meat onto the grill rack and place the lid on the grill with the vent fully open. The open vent helps feed oxygen to the hot coals and keeps the grill temperature high.

Put on a pair of oven gloves and close the upper vent halfway to reduce flare-ups from dripping grease. This reduces the air getting to the coals and also reduces the grilling temperature.

Raise the temperature in the grill by opening the vent slightly. You might have to continue adjusting the vent periodically to keep the temperature at a proper level without causing flare-ups.

Close both the upper and lower vents when grilling is complete. This suffocates the charcoal and puts the fire out.