How to make your own pill pockets

Influx Productions/Photodisc/Getty Images

Pill pockets are used to disguise pills or medication for animals. Pet owners may have a hard time getting their pets to take medication and pill pockets will hide the medication in food so that it can be eaten without trouble. Pill pockets are made commercially as Greenies Pill Pockets for dogs and cats.

They can be purchased online, at pet stores or some grocery stores. Name-brand pill pockets can be expensive to purchase so some pet owners may choose to make their own pill pockets.

Cut off a piece of the hot dog approximately 2-3 inches in length depending on the size of your dog (for small dogs you may want to try Vienna sausages because they are not as big around).

Stick the sharp end of a chopstick into the middle of the hot dog and make a hole large enough to encase the pill so that it cannot be seen.

Slide the pill into the hole in the middle of the hot dog and make sure that it fits securely.

Call your dog and feed him the hot dog pill pocket in one bite so that he easily gulps down the hot dog treat and the pill at the same time.