How to Block Air Vents in Walls

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Cooling or heating an unused room is a waste of energy and money. It is a simple process to block the vents, which can improve your home's energy efficiency and save money. Magnetic covers are one of the easiest ways to block a vent.

The covers install easily, and they are very easy to remove when you want to use that vent again.

Check your air vents to determine if they are magnetic. Place a refrigerator magnet against the vent. If the magnet sticks, then the vents are magnetic.

Unscrew the vents from the wall using the screwdriver. Remove all dust from the inside of the vent cover. Use a degreasing cleanser placed on a soft cloth to clean away any stubborn grease from the vents.

Place a magnetic cover over the inside of the vent. Make sure it sticks to the metal of the original vent. If it does not stick, use double-sided tape to attach the magnetic cover to the vent. If you want to cover the vent permanently, use glue.

Screw the vent cover back into the wall. Repeat the process for any other vents that you want to block in the house. Make sure that you do not block the return air vent. If you do, the air will have nowhere to go and it will be forced back out through the other vents in the house. If this happens, the air system will not heat or cool properly.