How to Change the Cartridge in a Canon PIXMA MP500

When it's time to change one or more of your Canon PIXMA MP500 printer's cartridges the alarm light on the control panel begins to flash. Additionally, the display shows either images of your cartridges and ink levels with the message, "The following ink is low. Continue?" or the message "Ink has run out.

Replace the ink tank and close the cover." Once you've determined which cartridge needs changing, you simply replace the existing cartridge with a new cartridge and wait for the printer to clean the print head. You can then resume printing.

Turn on your Canon MP500 printer.

Press the "Open" button on the Paper Output Tray to unlock the tray. Flip down the tray.

Grasp under the printer control panel and lift up the scanner. Flip down the inside cover to completely expose the cartridges.

Press in on the ink-cartridge release tab at the front of an ink cartridge that needs changed to unlock the cartridge from the printer. Lift the cartridge out of its holder slot and set it aside. Any cartridge that needs to be changed is marked with a red flashing light.

Remove the protection seals and wrappings from the new ink cartridge. Pull the orange tape toward the front of the cartridge and pull away the clear film. Turn the cartridge over and remove the orange cap.

Insert the ink cartridge into the slot and push down on the top of the cartridge where you see the word "PUSH" until you feel the cartridge click into the slot and the red light turns on without flashing.

Repeat the removal and replacement process with any additional cartridges as needed.

Return the inside cover to its original position when you are finished and lower the scanner. Flip up the Paper Output Tray. If you changed the cartridges correctly, the printer should clean the print head. Wait for it to finish cleaning before starting a print job.