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How to Add a Query to a Switchboard in Access 2007

Updated April 17, 2017

Access switchboards are a great addition to your database when you want to add interactivity for your end users. The switchboard adds a form interface so users can press a button instead of using the actual database to perform tasks. The Switchboard Manager assists you as you create the tasks and actions that you want done with the switchboard. You can add a query by creating a macro to open the query and opening the macro in the switchboard.

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  1. Open Access 2007. Click the "Office" button and click "Open." Click on your database and select "Open." The database opens.

  2. Click the "Create" tab and select "Macro" twice. In the "Action" drop-down list select "OpenQuery." Select the query in the Function Argument's "Query Name" field. Save the query by clicking the "Save" icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

  3. Click the "Database Tools" tab and select the "Switchboard Manager." Access will prompt you to create a new switchboard. Click "Yes." Select "Edit" when the Switchboard Manager dialogue box opens.

  4. Select "New." Type a name for the query that you are opening. The name will indicate the action that will be performed when this button is pressed. In the Command drop-down list, select "Run Macro." In the Action drop-down list, select the macro that opens your query. Click "OK." Click "Close" two times.

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