How to Print Without a Black Ink Cartridge

Patrick Ryan/Lifesize/Getty Images

Many businesses and schools require documents and assignments to be in black ink. If you do not have a black ink cartridge, or it ran out and you need to print your document before getting a black ink cartridge, you can use your colour cartridge to print.

Using dark hues in a colour cartridge will turn out black, or very close to black.

Click the "Text Color" button in the program you are using to print your document. When the drop-down screen comes up, click "More Colors."

Click the "Custom" tab if available, and move the cursor into the blue hues. Move the bar on the right so that the blue is so dark, it is almost black.

Open the "Print" option. Clicking the "Print" button will pull up a screen allowing you to change settings for your printer.

Click "Properties" in the print screen, and click the "Color" tab. Click the button that allows you to print in colour instead of black and white.

Click the "Color options" button, which will bring up a different screen allowing you to alter different colours, brightness, and saturations. Change the brightness so that it is dark.

Click "Print" and allow the document to print. The text will show up as black or very similar to black.