How to Repair a Steel Rim

Accidents, by their own definition, are unexpected. Even if you are the most careful driver in the world, there is still a chance that you might damage a part of your car while on the road. One of the most sensitive and damage-prone areas of your car is the wheel rim.

The rims of your tires are either of aluminium or steel. You can repair both types in the same way. You only need a few tools and materials to start repairing your rims of your car tires.

Take the wheel from the car. Use your jack stands and floor jack to raise the car up and to give you a bigger space to pull out the tire.

Remove the air from your tire by depressing the valve pin. Use the pliers to take out the valve stem, while you lay the tire on the ground. Press the tire with your feet until it is fully deflated.

Use the handle-end of your pliers to take out the tire from its rim. Apply lubricant to the handle of the pliers and along the rim for you to easily pop the wheel over the edge of the rim. Do the same for the other edge of the rim.

Check the damage of the steel rim. Place the tire flat on your garage floor and use a vice to secure the tire.

Heat the bent area of the steel rim with the blowtorch for at least one minute until its colour turns flaky and flat. Bend the rim edges using the pliers or hammer to force the rim back in shape.

Leave the steel rim to cool for at least one hour and sand the affected area with the sandpaper to remove any burrs.