How to Replace the Brake Discs on a Mitsubishi

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Disc brakes use a set of brake pads that clamp down on a brake rotor, or disc, to stop the vehicle. Over time the brake discs wear out and need replacement for continued safety and stopping power.

Replacing the brake discs on your Mitsubishi is much like replacing the brake discs on any other vehicle that employs disc brakes. You can perform this maintenance yourself with a few tools and replacement parts. You can follow the same procedure for both front and rear brake disc replacement.

Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels for the disc brakes that you plan to replace. Do not remove the lug nuts, just break them free.

Put the vehicle in gear or "Park" and apply the emergency brake. Lift the front or rear of the vehicle using a floor jack and place jack stands beneath the front or rear jack points. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands.

Remove the lug nuts completely then remove the wheel.

Remove the two brake caliper mounting bolts. The mounting bolts are usually located on the top and bottom of the brake caliper. Support the brake caliper as you remove the bolts. Dropping the caliper could damage the brake line.

Separate the brake caliper from the mounting point and secure it to the vehicle spring assembly using a zip tie. This allows you to freely work on the brake disc.

Dislodge the brake pads from the caliper mount and remove them. Tap them gently with a hammer if you have trouble removing them.

Remove the secondary mounting bolts securing the caliper mount to the wheel. Remove the brake caliper mount and set it aside.

Slide the brake disc off the bearing hub. Gently tap the disc with a hammer if you have trouble removing it.

Replace the brake disc with a new one and follow the procedure in reverse to reinstall the wheel.