How to Store Fresh Bay Leaves

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Bay leaves can add an extra dimension of sharp, fragrant flavour to many dishes. You can include a fresh leaf or two in stuffings, soups and stews, for example. But remember to remove the leaves before serving the dish, as taking a mouthful of bay leaf tends to be an unpleasant experience. Fresh bay leaves can be harder to find than dried whole or crushed bay leaves, but have a much more intense flavour and can be used more sparingly. You can store fresh bay leaves in the refrigerator for seven to 10 days.

Sort through your fresh bay leaves and discard any that are discoloured, brown or spotted.

Place a layer of fresh bay leaves onto a paper towel, then lay another paper towel on top.

Fold the paper towels in half if necessary to fit them into your resealable plastic bag. Do not fold the bay leaves as you do this. Instead, fold the paper towels between the leaves.

Place the folded paper towels into your resealable plastic bag and seal the bag tightly.

Place the sealed bag into the vegetable crisper section of your refrigerator. You can keep them here for seven to 10 days. When you take the leaves out to use them, discard any that have become significantly discoloured then rinse the remaining leaves well before use.

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