How to Wire a Panasonic Car Radio

Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Wiring a Panasonic car radio is virtually identical to wiring any other car stereo, with the exception of specific wire colours on the Panasonic harness. Aftermarket factory integration wiring adaptors facilitate speeding up the wiring process, making the overall installation simpler and eliminating guesswork. Simple wiring tools, available at most auto parts and electronics Internet sites, are all that is required to accomplish the task of wiring a Panasonic car radio.

Lay the Panasonic wire harness and the aftermarket wiring adaptor one a work surface. Align the wires according to function, based on the colour coding found on the aftermarket harness' packaging and the radio's manual.

Strip 1/4 inch of insulation from the wires that will be in use on both harnesses.

Crimp the corresponding wires together using the crimp tool and 16-gauge butt connectors.

Click the smaller Panasonic harness plug into the radio. Slide the larger aftermarket adaptor plug into the vehicle's harness, protruding from the dash opening.

Slip the vehicle's antenna lead into the aftermarket antenna adaptor. Push the aftermarket adaptor into the Panasonic radio's antenna input.

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