How to Design a Room Using Cream & Gray Together

Flying Colours Ltd/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Using grey and cream can create a stunning effect in any room of the house. Although grey is often considered a rather masculine colour, the cream counteracts this. Gray can be a rather oppressive colour when used incorrectly, but there are so many shades available that this does not need to be the case.

Gray and cream together can create a clean looking, striking, minimalist room for children and adults alike.

Choose lighter shades of grey for large areas like walls, curtains, rugs and furniture. Light greys are often silvery in colour, giving the room a brighter sparkle. Consider using splashes of silver around the room to lighten the shades of grey even more.

Look out for patterned wallpapers or curtains/blinds to add texture to the room, and add a more feminine appearance. Gray and cream is quite a cold colour combination, so look to add texture and warmth in the different finishes around the room. For example, choose a range of cushions from suede to leather to fluffy materials.

Use grey and cream tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. Consider using cream tiles with a grey grout for an unusual and striking look, or alternate grey and cream tiles, or tile in one colour and paint in the other.

Choose darker shades of grey for smaller areas. For example, cushions and throws can be really dark--almost black--and teamed with cream cushions.

Add cream wherever there is grey, and vice-versa. The idea is not to have a grey area over there, and a cream area over here, but rather to really mingle these two colours together. Consider sewing some grey shapes onto cream cushions, and cream shapes onto grey cushions.