How to Accept a Formal Invitation Letter to Be a Presenter

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When you receive a formal invitation to make a presentation or speak at an event, respond with the same formal tone. Follow standard response guidelines, specifically referring to the information provided in the invitation. Exhibit a gracious tone, and express your enthusiasm for the event as well as your role in it.

Express your gratitude to be invited.

Express your acceptance in writing on formal and professional stationary. Begin your response with a formal acceptable, for instance, "I am pleased to accept your invitation to present at the ABC Corporation Annual Award Dinner."

Restate the event's specifics to assure the recipient you are aware of the date, time and location. You might write, "I am available on November 12 at 8:00 p.m. I will arrive in Chicago the day before the event."

Indicate your availability for subsequent meetings in preparation of the main event. Write something such as, "I look forward to receiving the materials I need to prepare my presentation. We should speak in two weeks to review my presentation agenda."

Close your acceptance letter according to standard letter style. Finish by writing, "Thank you for your gracious invitation. I anticipate a successful and dynamic presentation. Sincerely, Jeffery."

Mail your acceptable letter as soon as possible. The event's coordinators will need to know immediately if you will be able to present.