How to Display a Collection of Lapel Pins & Buttons

Jeffrey Coolidge/Photodisc/Getty Images

If you have a large collection of lapel pins, badges and buttons, you might want a better way to store them than tossing them all into an empty box. The best way to display your collection is with a shadow box and some mat board, which will give you many design options.

Hang the shadow box on a wall so you can enjoy and show off your entire collection.

Arrange the pins on the matt board. Don't attach them to the board yet.

Sketch any decoration you want in the background of the display on a piece of paper. For example, draw a time line or label the pieces on display.

Decorate the matt board. If you are drawing or stamping something behind the buttons, copy it from your sketch. Or stretch fabric over the matt board to give the pins and badges the appearance of being on clothes.

Place the pins on the matt board. Push the backs of lapel pins through the matt board; clip the back onto the matt board. For badges and buttons, push an awl through the matt board to create holes you can push the backing of the pin through. If you used fabric, attach the pin to the fabric.

Place the matt board in the shadow box. Open the shadow box according to the directions. Place the display inside; then close it up again.

Hang the display on the wall with a nail or picture hook.