How to Make Your Own Membership ID Cards

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Membership ID cards provide privileges to those who carry them by distinguishing them as a unique member of a club or organisation. Many companies will produce ID cards for a fee, but you can easily create your own membership ID cards with some simple supplies. Provide your members with a sense of importance by offering them your own professional-looking identification cards.

Choose an online membership ID card designer to create a template. You can find links to several free versions in the Resource section.

Include the member's name, your organisation's name and any other desired information on the template form.

Make the member's name the largest text since you should be able to read the name from up to 3 feet away.

Avoid adding too many graphics that can distract from the important information contained on the ID card.

Load your printer with card stock paper and print your newly designed membership ID card.

Cut out the paper card with a pair of scissors.

Laminate the card so you end up with a professional and durable membership ID card. Purchase individual sheets of self-adhesive cold laminate. Place your ID card between two pieces of laminate and press to seal. Cut around the perimeter of the card with a pair of scissors.

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