How to set up a hose reel

Kathy Quirk-Syvertsen/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Homeowners and gardeners know first hand the frustrations that come with kinked and tangled hoses. No matter how they are stored, the hoses always seem to tangle up. Fortunately, there are helpful solutions. A hose reel is a simple device that eliminates the tangled mess. Hose reels wind up hoses to keep them in order and out of the way. Setting up a hose reel properly will ensure that your hose doesn't kink and winds smoothly.

Choose a location to set up your hose reel. Your reel should be located to reach the most areas possible.

Attach the hose reel to your water faucet with the small included hose connector.

Connect your hose to the hose reel by screwing it onto the hose reel's water output.

Wind the hose reel with the crank, guiding the hose back and forth across the reel to keep the reel uniform.

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