How to Make an Electric Scooter Travel Faster

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Electric scooters are small vehicles using two or three wheels powered by an electric motor, which permit people to travel economically for short distances. Not only are they considered green and eco-friendly, but they also serve to make a statement for the average young mobility seeker.

Electric scooters are innovative means of transport and are quickly becoming popular in urban, densely populated cities.

Swap the Electric Motor. There are innovations coming up in electric motors on a regular basis, and you can replace the old electric motor from your electric scooter with a new one.

To do this, make sure that the dimensions of the old and new motor match accurately. Doing so will ensure that the new motor fits into the same space, and you will not need to make any alterations to the engine compartment.

If the motor on your scooter is currently clamped down with a band, you can swap it with a new motor of a larger size, because there is no engine compartment to fit the motor into. Just clamp in the new motor with the same band.

Alter the gear ratio. The gear ratio plays a key role in the speed of the scooter. If your scooter currently has an interchangeable gear ratio, a new size can be introduced, or rather upgraded. To achieve this, bolt the new gear ratio into place.

You also get to choose between a larger or smaller sprocket. The difference between the two lies in their functionality. The larger sprocket will reach higher top speeds and the smaller one has the ability to achieve faster take-offs with better power to climb inclines.

Alter the tire size. Another alternative to altering the gear ratio is to alter the tire size. The rules here are quite similar to the ones applicable in interchanging the gear ratio.

The larger the diameter is in the tires, the higher the speeds will be, while smaller diameter or shorter tires will give you more initial take-off pep and hill climbing ability.

Boost the voltage. This can be a bit tricky so only attempt this if you have ample knowledge of the workings of an electric scooter, or are a qualified electrical engineer yourself.

Find out the amount of voltage that your scooter can currently handle without burning up. Once this is done you can wire the appropriate sized battery pack onto your existing scooter to make it travel faster.

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