How to Replace a Sony Touchpad

Replacing a Sony touchpad can be fairly expensive if the Sony laptop is no longer under warranty. Replace your Sony touchpad when it is malfunctioning or is worn due to usage. You can save money by replacing a touchpad yourself, as long as you have the right tools.

Turn off your Sony laptop. Unplug the power cord to your laptop and remove the battery.

Wear the anti-static wrap on your wrist to prevent electrostatic damage to your laptop components.

Remove all attaching devices such as an external hard drive from the connecting ports on the laptop. Close the LCD lid.

Flip the laptop bottom-side up on a flat non-skid surface. Unscrew the Phillips-head screws holding any visible hardware compartment covers. Remove the covers and set them aside.

Squeeze to release the retaining pins that are securing the RAM modules. Slide the RAM modules away from their holding pins.

Remove the hard disc drive by sliding it off from its cradle.

Detach the wireless antenna. Disconnect the wireless cable to the motherboard then take out the wireless card.

Remove all visible screws on the underside of your Sony laptop. Flip your laptop over, with its top facing you and open the LCD lid.

Use the flathead screwdriver to pry open the keyboard cover. Disconnect the keyboard data cable and the touchpad cable connected to the motherboard.

Lift the keyboard out from its compartment by tilting it at an angle toward the LCD monitor.

Separate the upper laptop casing from the bottom casing. The touchpad device is attached to the underside of the upper casing.

Remove the flathead screws holding the touchpad to your Sony laptop's upper casing.

Install the new touchpad for your laptop in reversing order of the article steps.

Turn on your laptop. Go to your new touchpad support website to download the appropriate touchpad software for your operating system.

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