How to copy a picture that won't allow you to right click

Katrina Wittkamp/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The Internet contains millions of pictures that you can copy for free. Browsers have context menus that allow you right-click image files and save them to your hard drive. To prevent this from happening, some Web developers use JavaScript functions to protect their images.

When you right-click such a page, a message will tell you that the right-click is disabled. You can bypass that message and save any picture that you like by using your own JavaScript function.

Visit a website that prevents you from right-clicking a picture.

Copy the following JavaScript code:

JavaScript:function $vrc$$() {

document.onclick=null; document.oncontextmenu=null; document.onmousedown=null;document.onmouseup = null;


void ($vrc$$());

Click the URL in your browser's address bar. The browser will highlight the URL.

Right-click the highlighted URL and select "Paste." Windows will paste the text into the address bar.

Press "Enter." The browser will execute the JavaScript command.

Right-click any picture on the Web page and select "Save" to save the picture.

Press "F5" to refresh the page.