Instructions for the Halti Head Collar

Andersen Ross/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Not all dogs naturally walk on a leash; a leash is foreign to their instincts and you, as the "alpha dog," need to train your pet. Halti head collars are designed to help train your dog to stop pulling on the leash by using the idea that guiding a dog's head will result in the body following. The product is also described as a restraining device for biters and fighters, a calming device for boisterous or hysterical dogs and an assisting device for visits to veterinarians or groomers.

Fit the Halti over the dog's head and muzzle with label and seams facing outward. The nose band should hit halfway between the eyes and nose. Make sure it does not restrict your dog's ability to pant. You can hold a treat in front of the dog's nose to keep it focused.

Buckle the Halti behind the neck. You can adjust the neck strap to the ideal fit for your dog. If using treats, allow your dog a treat.

Allow your dog several free minutes to get used to the Halti. Play with your dog, which will distract it from it's new head collar. Keep playing until your dog seems not to notice the head collar.

Attach the lead to the lower ring on the Halti. Hold the lead loosely, and go for a walk. It still might take time for your dog to become accustomed to using the head collar on a walk.

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