How to Retrieve BT Voicemail

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

BT, based in the United Kingdom, offers communication services in more than 150 countries. Among the services offered is home voicemail that is free of charge to all home telephone customers. Voicemail can be set up within minutes, and will hold up to 10 messages at one time.

Users can retrieve BT voicemail by dialling a code on the telephone.

Pick up the home telephone and listen for an interrupted dial tone--the signal that you have a new message in the voicemail.

Dial 1571 from the home telephone.

Press "1" to listen to voicemail messages. After a message begins, press "2" to save it, "3" to delete it or "9" to skip to the next message. To return the call, press "0" after the message ends to automatically dial the phone number of the person who left the voicemail.