How to Glue MDF to Acrylic

MDF, which stands for medium-density fiberboard, is particleboard made out of wood pieces that are glued together and subjected to intense heat, then bonded with high pressure. It is a natural material used for making furniture, panelling and counters.

It takes some time, but it is easy to put the acrylic onto the MDF if you use the right materials.

Arrange the MDF and acrylic so the sides to be glued are right next to each other. You should be ready to put everything together as soon as the glue is applied.

Spread the glue onto the MDF and acrylic where they will meet, and push them together.

Tape over the exposed edges where the pieces are glued together and hold them tightly in place with clamps. The clamps should be firmly around the MDF and acrylic.

Leave the glue to set overnight. The next day, release the clamps and carefully pull the tape off the acrylic and MDF.