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How to Stop Vodafone 121 Voicemail

Updated March 23, 2017

Voicemail service can be at once a blessing and a curse. It allows others to leave us important messages while we are away from the phone. This can be helpful, but checking large amounts of messages can be an overwhelming task. Vodafone customers who no longer want to use the 121 voicemail service, for any reason, can stop the service.

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  1. Listen to and write down any important messages in your voicemail inbox.

  2. Ensure that any important contacts have an alternative way to contact you. Once your voicemail is disabled, you will not be able to leave a message that lets them know where else to get a hold of you.

  3. Dial "1210" on your telephone to deactivate your voicemail.

  4. Tip

    The process can be easily reversed by dialling "1211" to reactivate your voicemail. Once you have deactivated your voicemail, you might consider asking Vodafone to forward all calls to another phone number to avoid missing any important messages.

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