Instructions for Seiko Clocks

James And James/Pixland/Getty Images

Seiko manufactures a number of clocks that feature either an analogue or digital display. Both types of clocks require programming. All Seiko chime clocks keep analogue time, while Seiko touch senor clocks feature a digital display.

You can program your Seiko clock by either pressing a few buttons or rotating a few knobs on the back of the clock. If your clock is brand new, you will have to adjust the settings. The settings may also have to be adjusted if the batteries die or if it's plugged into an electrical socket and there is a power outage.

Turn the clock around so you can see the operational parts. You will want to find the black box on the back of the clock. This is considered the control panel for setting your Seiko clock.

Turn the round knob on the top of the control panel clockwise to adjust the time. Both clock hands will move in a clockwise direction. Keep rotating the knob until you reach the right time.

Adjust the a.m. or p.m. setting by moving the "Time Switch" to either "AM" or "PM."

Adjust the chime volume by turning the round knob underneath the time setting knob. You will see "MIN" and "MAX" imprinted on the plastic just below the knob. Turn the knob as far right or left until you reach a volume that is comfortable for you.

Change the chime melody by moving the chime selector switch (to the left of the volume control knob). Most chime clocks feature at least two different chime options. You can set either one by moving the switch to the right or left.

Stop the chime from playing at night by moving the "AM/PM" switch to the chime location. There is an image all the way to the left showing a chime. This will turn off the chime at 11 p.m. at night and turn it back on a 5:45 a.m. The shut off and on times cannot be changed.

Press and hold down the "A," "B" and "C" buttons on the back of the clock. Wait until you hear a beep or until the clock's numbers start blinking to begin set-up.

Select the time zone for your clock by pressing the "Time Zone" button.

Press the "A" button to set the date. You'll need to keep pressing the "A" button to go through the months. When done, press the "B" button. Repeat the steps to program the day and year. The clock will automatically display the day of the week if the day, month and year are correct.

Press the "A" button to repeatedly to set the hour. When done, press the "B" button to advance to the next setting. Once the hour is set, you can program the minutes, and in some cases, the seconds. You can also set the clock to run in either 12- or 24-hour mode.

Press the "C" button to exit the set-up mode.