How to Decorate a Living Room in Teal Green

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Teal is a distinctive colour for a living room and if accessorised properly, it can be the base for an interesting design palette. When decorating a room using teal, keep in mind that teal can easily dominate a room if not tempered by furniture or accents in different but harmonious colours and textures.

Apply a layer of paint primer to your walls before covering them in teal. Primer is recommended when using dark or highly saturated paint colours; if the paint doesn't go onto the wall evenly it is usually quite noticeable.

Consider painting only a single wall of your living room in teal to avoid making the room feel closed-in or smaller than it actually is. If you decide to have one teal wall, paint the others in white or light beige to give the space an airy feel.

Bring a colour strip when you go shopping for fabrics and decor, so you can directly compare your paint with different colours and textures.

Accentuate the teal base colour with dark wood furniture. The dark brown and teal combination can lend your living room a stylish, yet cosy feel. If you prefer a lighter look, opt for white painted wood.

Pick out couch covers in pale beige or grey to complement the bold colour of the teal paint.

Set off the couch colour with dark brown or white throw pillows. If you have access to a sewing machine, pick out a textured fabric that contains one or more colours from your room scheme and make your own pillows and curtains.

Pepper the room with accents in various shades of teal and brown, mixed with some white accessories.

Break up the wall colour with built-in shelving units to hold a smattering of old books or decor accents.

Open up the room by mounting a large mirror on one of the walls.

Lay a light-coloured rug on the floor. Try to stay away from patterns that include teal; matching the floor and wall colour can make a room feel closed-in.