How to Install a Towbar

Gone are the days when ropes or chains were used for towing a vehicle. Not only are these methods unsafe, but they are also very crude. Modern-day tow bars offer a safer and securer way to tow your vehicle. You may want to tow your vehicle behind an RV to save fuel or you could have an unexpected breakdown when your vehicle gets stuck in the road and needs to be towed. The tow bar can be a useful tool for your vehicle.

Open the tow bar package and ensure that all parts are complete. Lay them on a table or floor.

Install the mounting bracket by bolting it on the vehicles frame or unibody. Insert the two bolts through the mounting bracket and the vehicle's frame. Insert the washers followed by the lock washers through the bolts. Install the nuts on the bolt, using your hands to tighten it. Repeat this procedure for the two remaining bolts on the other side of the mounting bracket.

Tighten the bolts with the torque wrench, set at 75 foot-pounds, with one hand while the other hand holds the open wrench to keep the nut from turning. Continue tightening the bolt until the torque wrench clicks twice. Repeat this procedure for the remaining three bolts of the mounting bracket.

Install the tow bar's safety bracket onto the front of the mounting brackets. The rear mounting hole of the safety bracket should be pointing outward, and its base should be at the lower position. Insert the bolts on each side of the safety bracket and through the mounting brackets. Insert the washers on each bolt, followed by the lock washers.

Insert the nuts for each bolt and tighten it with your hands. Tighten the bolts completely, using the torque wrench still set at 75 foot-pounds. Wait for it to click twice to ensure that the bolts are tightened. Use the open wrench to keep the nut from turning as the torque wrench tightens the bolt.

Insert the tow-bar collars on to the tabs of the safety base. Insert the mounting pins through the front hole of the tab and into the tow-bar collars. Secure each mounting pin with its respective clevis clip.

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