How to Install a Momo Shift Knob

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Replacing the factory shift knob in a car can dramatically change the look and feel of the car's interior, despite being such a small and relatively easy modification. MOMO's shift knobs are made in Italy and are made from the highest-quality materials, ranging from top-grain leather to aircraft-quality aluminium. Their universal shift knobs fit all manual vehicles with gear-lever shafts up to 15 millimetres in diameter.

Remove the factory shift knob. Most shift knobs are secured with screws or set screws, so you might have to unscrew the factory screws using a screwdriver or Allen wrench. Other knobs are push-on type knobs and can be pulled off without unscrewing anything.

If necessary, use a file to get rid of any protrusions on the gear-lever shaft that may prevent the new shift knob from sliding on.

Slide the lower threaded ring onto the gear-lever shaft.

Insert the properly-fitting shaft adaptor onto the top of the shaft.

Insert the included set screws into the side holes of the new shift knob. Do not tighten the screws until the shift knob is placed on the shaft. Use the longer screws if the gear-lever shaft diameter is 8 to 10 millimetres and the shorter screws if the gear-lever shaft diameter is larger than 10 millimetres.

Slide the new shift knob onto the shaft. Pressing firmly downward on the shift knob, tighten the screws uniformly to properly centre the knob on the shaft.

Slide up the lower threaded ring and hand-screw it onto the bottom of the shift knob.

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