How to Use a Panasonic Quintrix With a Sky Remote

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With so much television and DVD equipment to operate, remote control clutter is a common irritation of the digital-television age. One way to reduce the number of remote control handsets you need to keep within easy reach is to program your Sky Television satellite receiver's remote control to operate your Panasonic Quintrix television set. Enter the correct three- or four-digit code into your Sky remote and you can use it to control the main functions of any TV set.

Find the correct Sky Television remote control code for your Panasonic Quintrix television set from the manufacturer's instruction manual or online from a satellite television website.

Switch on your TV set.

Press "TV" on the Sky remote control handset.

Press "Select" and the red button at the same time and hold down for two seconds, until the red light flashes twice.

Enter the correct code for your Panasonic Quintrix television set.

Press "Select." The red light will blink twice.

Press "Standby." This will switch off your television set. If not, press "TV" and then "Standby" until your TV set switches off.

Check that the Sky remote control operates both your Sky TV receiver and Panasonic Quintrix television set.

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