How to Cut an Epoxy Resin Sheet

Cutting epoxy resin sheets is a simple process. Depending on how thick the sheet is, you can either use a multi-cutting tool to snip the sheet apart, or you can use a dremel tool or router saw to cut the epoxy resin sheets. It is important to go slowly so that you do not crack the resin sheets.

This project should take about 10 minutes or less to complete, depending on how many cuts you have to make in the resin sheets.

Use a ruler to mark out the area of the epoxy sheet that you want cut or trimmed. Draw the cutting line onto the epoxy sheet with a permanent marker.

Set the epoxy sheet onto a flat surface that will not get damaged by heat, such as a countertop.

Heat the epoxy sheet along the cutting line for several seconds to soften the sheet slightly and make it easier to cut.

Use the multi snip tool to cut the epoxy sheet along the cutting line just like cutting paper with scissors.

Wipe the permanent marker with a cotton swap dipped in alcohol to remove the marker from the epoxy sheet.

Mark the cutting line on the epoxy sheet using the same method outlined above with the ruler and permanent marker.

Heat the surface of the epoxy sheet on a flat surface along the cutting line. You will probably have to heat the surface slightly longer since the sheet is thicker. Flip the sheet over and heat the other side for a few seconds as well to distribute the heat over both sides of the epoxy sheet.

Use a dremel tool with a cutting wheel or a router saw to cut the epoxy resin sheet along the cutting line. Go slowly, and do not exert pressure. Let the weight of the tool determine how hard to press into the epoxy sheet. Take care not to burn out the motor. This is especially important for the dremel tool.

Wipe the marker off of the resin sheet with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the permanent marker from the epoxy resin sheet.