How to Light a Weber BBQ

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Many people spend their summers with friends and family, gathered around a barbecue with a drink in their hand and a smile on their face as they grill a variety of meats and skewered vegetables. The roots of the Weber-Stephen Product Company began when founder George Stephen created the first covered grill to protect his steaks against outdoor elements. Backyard grillers have been using Weber brand grills ever since. Both gas and charcoal Weber grills are available, and both light up very quickly.

Calculate how much charcoal is needed for the barbecue. A single layer of charcoals across the bottom of the grill is fine for quicker foods like vegetables, hot dogs and hamburgers, but a double layer of coals may be needed for large quantities or thicker meats such as pork or steak.

Remove the grill's cooking grate. Pour out the layers of charcoal, then arrange the coals in a rough cone or pyramid shape.

Pour lighter fluid over the coals. Apply as directed by the lighter fluid's directions. Allow the lighter fluid to settle for 30 seconds to a minute.

Light the bottom sides of the charcoal pyramid with a kitchen lighter. Do not light the centre of the pyramid, which could cause flames to flare into the operator's hand and the kitchen lighter.

Replace the grill's cooking grate, and then wait until the flames die down and the charcoal appears white. Use a stick or other long instrument to smooth out the pyramid into an even layer of coals.

Rotate the knob on the propane tank counterclockwise to release the propane gas to the grill.

Press in a burner knob, and turn the pointer to the desired temperature setting. Release the knob. Repeat the process for any burners you want ignited.

Press the red ignition button. Weber's "Electronic Crossover Ignition System" will light all activated burners near instantaneously.

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