How to raise money for a school prom

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School proms can rank among the most memorable events for students each year, providing them with the chance to break away from their studies and let loose with their friends.

Unfortunately, schools don't always set aside enough money to fund these events, so it's often up to the prom committee to raise money for the school prom. Hosting a great prom dance entails many considerations--including decorations, food, entertainment, etc.--and student tickets often just don't cover the cost. Fortunately, will a little imagination, the prom committee can raise money for a school prom to remember.

Set up a fundraising event (or several). As soon as the prom committee comes together, start brainstorming fundraising ideas, such as: hosting a bake sale; putting together a car wash; offering student's donated services (such as painting, raking, lawn mowing, cleaning, etc.) to parents, school staff and others in the community; or preparing a spaghetti supper, with all proceeds going into the prom fund.

Tally up your expenses. Gather the prom committee and decide on everything you will need to make your prom memorable. Do some comparison shopping to find the best rates on the items you need, and create an expense sheet to track them all. Add a cushion--roughly 5 to 10 per cent above the grand total--to cover unforeseen expenses. This should give you a good idea of how much money you need to raise for your prom.

Create a fundraising goal. Now that you have a ballpark figure of your total expenses, you can set a goal to reach in your fundraising efforts. So if your expenses will equal £650, you know you need to raise at least that much money.

Name a fundraising leader: a person responsible for spearheading all fundraising efforts, making sure that events stay on target, helping to spread the word, collecting the money raised, and keeping a close eye on the budget to ensure that you don't overspend on expenses.

Tell everyone about your fundraising event. Create flyers to put up in school hallways or in other community venues (such as the public library, local grocery stores, etc.). If you have a school newspaper, ask the editor to write a feature article about your event or see if he will let you include an advertisement. Also, encourage the prom committee to get the news out there via word-of-mouth.