How to Operate a Jane Pushchair

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The Jane pushchair has several models available for use with one or two children, making them a versatile investment for any family. Most models can accommodate children from birth to age 3.

Features included with the pushchair models include shade hoods, a rain cover, adjustable suspension and front wheels, and a shopping basket. All Jane pushchairs are lightweight and easy to use, making these the ideal choices for your growing family.

Release the folding lock located on the side of the pushchair to unfold. Open the chassis until you hear a click, indicating it is fully opened. The folding lock is located on the side of all Jane pushchair models.

Adjust the footrest to fit your child, and adjust the handle to your height for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Release the brake on the pushchair by pushing up on the bar located between the rear wheels for all models. The front brake (on applicable models) operates similar to a bicycle brake.

To utilise the pushchair with rotating steering in the front wheels, release the lock located on the side of the front wheels by pushing up on or turning it, depending on the model of Jane pushchair.

Adjust the backrest by pulling up on the handle located at the rear of the seat. This handle may be a metal handle or a triangular ring (depending on the model). Release the handle or ring when the seat is in the desired position.

Place child in the seat of the Jane model pushchair and buckle the safety seat belt. For a five-point harness strap, place the strap between your child's legs, over his shoulders and insert the hooks into the buckle. Adjust the harness to ensure your child is secure in the seat.

Adjust the suspension depending on your walking terrain (hard or soft) by turning the latch located behind the rear wheel for all models of Jane pushchairs.